Goddess of Victory


Throughout history Nike, Goddess of Victory, flew the battlefields rewarding winners with a wreath of Laurel. This medal is a symbol of victory incorporating the Laurel and Goddess Nike.

What is the GODDESS OF VICTORY Medal?

Our runners who run the 'Weekend Double' (i.e any two of the following events: Kew Gardens 10k, Richmond 5K, Richmond Half and Richmond Marathon) will be awarded with this exclusive GODDESS OF VICTORY medal to commend their achievement! 

Is there prize money?

This year we are introducing male and female prize money* for the cumulative time in both races. The top 3 male and females in each category will receive the following prize money and bonus goody bag. * Prize money is only for the Kew Gardens 10K and the half or full Marathon.

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


How do I enter?

To get the 'Goddess of Victory' medal you must register to two of any of the following: the Kew Gardens 10k, Richmond 5K, Richmond Half, Richmond Marathon. Entry to any two of these events will make you a Goddess of Victory champ!

To run in the new Richmond 5K click here. There are only charity places left in the 10K, Half & Full so CLICK HERE to see which one of our amazing charities you want to run for.

Once registered to both days all you need to do is train. We will email you instructions 2 weeks before the event on where to collect your well-deserved medal after the race on Sunday 16th September.

2017 Hall of Fame


(10k & Half Marathon GOV Runners)

Adam Canning

Alan Steeles

Alex Milne

Andrew Bell

Angelina Smy

Anna Frattaruolo

April Withers

Ben Seamans

Bernard Norman

Beth Anton

Beth Reynolds

Bianca Schobel

Cam Esmond

Cherie Rosser

Chirsty MacKenzie

Chloe Kirby-Raso

Chris Courtney

Chris Runcie

Christian Pohl

David Hayes

Dean Ban

Dionne Thurland

Donna Carter

Emily Croft

Erin McHugh

Franco Genovese

Fredrika Hansson

Gabriella Verta

Gareth Jones

Gary Evans

George Toms

Georgina Evison

Graham Humphries

Hannah Smith

Jake Stimpson

James Old

Jennifer Heggie

Jeremy Bull

Jibril Rahman

John Burgess

John Fletcher

John Higgins

John Lennon

John Thompson

Jonathan Cudlipp

Jordan McCartney

Josie Cunningham

Julie Markham

Kate Carter

Kim Legg

Kimberley Hamilton

Lisa Huse

Louise Johnson

Lua Stifani

Luke Harris

Lynsey Taylor

Mark Calway

Matt Sowton

Matthew Prior

Maureen McCabe

Maxine Napal

Krysia Smith

Michael Edwards

Michael Fenton

Michael Taylor

Mike Dando

Natalie Hilton

Neil Hopkinson

Nicky Yeates

Nicola Critchlow-Barker

Nicola Parker

Nicola Stokes

Oliver Dewdney

Oliver Newton

Patience McQueen

Paul Oppenheimer

Paul Shafer

Rachel Felton

Rati Sharma

Rebecca Clarke

Richard Sheldrake

Rick Wylie

Sally Tomlinson

Sindre Sigbjornsen

Sophie Lapin

Stephen Carter

Steve Beadle

Teodor Erhan

Trish McCabe

Will Frost

Zara Jaffrey

Lesley Durant


Top 10:

1. Alex Milne

2. Rachel Felton

3. Kate Carter

4. James Old

5. Oliver Newton

6. John Higgins

7. Richard Sheldrake

8. Christian Pohl

9. Neil Hopkinson

10. Gareth Jones


'GODDESS OF VICTORY' Half Challenge 2017

(10k & Marathon GOV Runners)

Akram Shalabi

Colin Third

Davina Glading

Drew Lichtenstein

Edward Newton

Elisa Bernard

Graham Langford

György Németh-Döltl

Monika Trojankowska

Paul Crew

Hillary Ann Nevyjel

Janice Beresford

Jason Cheung

John Lum Young

John Reece

Lawrence Tribe-Endt

Li Sun

Maciej Ruszkowski

Melanie Thomas

Malgorzata Kucharska

Matthew Taylor

Moni Lau

Sahra Bartolazzi

Sarah Iacovou

Stephen McGrath

Ted Rowntree

Victoria Wood

Dean Kramer


Top 10:

1. Graham Langford

2. Lawrence Tribe-Endt

3. Akram Shalabi

4. Colin Third

5. Sarah Iacovou

6. Maciej Ruszkowski

7. Elisa Bernard

8. Malgorzata Kucharska

9. Matthew Taylor

10. Ted Rowntree

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